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Anthony Kyriacou 


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With over 10 years of recruitment experience within the Recruitment industry supplying Nurses in a variety of specialist roles across the country and managing large portfolios for a number of clients. There is a passion for what we do and sense of accomplishment in building new relationships with clients big or small. 


Nicholas Kyriacou


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With over 10 years of recruitment experience, I have spent the best part of my career working within the fast paced, edgy transport sector.  I pride myself on my adaptability when it comes to understanding individuals.  I have a love for developing raw talent and a passion for customer service. 


We have developed a clear and flexible career path designed to accelerate the careers of ambitious consultants and managers. Each step has a clear promotion criterion, an increased package and further responsibilities.


The forces that will drive your rapid ascent, are a combination of our demanding career programme and your passion, skills and resilience. We will push you hard but support you all the way.

The level of growth we have mapped out across our brands, disciplines and regions will mean you’ll be spoilt for opportunities. 

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You are an experienced recruiter looking to make the next career move but will you be a successful high-value manager? Well, if you’ve learned anything, you’ll be judging your next employer by asking these questions:

  • What is the quality of the leadership and the culture?

  • Is there a clear career plan with continual training?

  • Is the brand respected in its markets?

  • Is there continuous, high-quality training?

  • Can I build equity in the company?

Our senior positions are sought after because we have such a successful formula for developing talent. How? We do four things very well and continually strive to improve each capability.

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Our board are visible, present and involved. They each play a highly active role in defining and executing our strategy for growth and future success; working closely with the management team across all group businesses to ensure they, in turn, have well defined plans for strategic growth and development.


Although our broad strategy for growth has been clearly defined, we also encourage fresh ideas of how to achieve this, especially from our people in the business. If you develop an innovative strategic proposal to grow revenue, strengthen our brand and reputation or to make us more efficient, you'll most likely see your vision become a reality.


Your success as a consultant depends on the quality of the brand you're selling. Intrepid Global goes to great lengths to ensure we have a strong brand in our sectors; holding significant relationships with both select chosen leading brands in the market alongside the fast growth industry disruptors to those markets, just like us!


The strength of our brand links directly to our culture, which in turn is underpinned by values, the way we conduct ourselves and how we like to do business. With ambition, with honesty and with personality.

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Time is incredibly precious in recruitment. To be truly successful you must be efficient, effective and well-planned, so we've invested heavily in our own technology coupled with a suite of additional tools to help you achieve this. Our recruitment technology is cutting edge and we continually customise and bespoke to our needs, utilising our in-house development team. We do this to ensure management is made simple, decisions can be made faster and our consultants are given the best possible opportunity.


Every aspect of our business, from candidate management and client analytics to staff development and appraisal is continually monitored, assessed and optimised.


We are always open to recruiting people with prior industry experience who share the same values as Intrepid Global from the level of consultant through to associate director. As assessment of this, no matter what level you apply for, you'll need to be able to answer yes to each of these questions:


  • do you have presence, do people gravitate to you, are you credible?

  • have you always applied the highest standards when recruiting?

  • do you thrive in diversity; able to embrace and flex to different scenarios and personalities?

  • have you got a proven, unflinching drive to succeed?

  • are you a quick learner, one that never stops gaining new skills and knowledge?

  • are you a gifted communicator, someone who can persuade any audience?


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